A Little Bit About Our Farm

The Doalnara Organic Farm

Located 30 miles from Clarksville, and 5 miles from the Dover Town proper, our Organic farm first began establishment in Dover in 1995.

When we first chose the locale for our farm 15 years ago, we took into consideration every aspect associated with Organic Farming that we could think of.

First and foremost we knew that it was important to start with virgin soil, far from any industrialized pollutants associated with land near the cities or developing towns. Soil, where non-organic farming had not been conducted in the past, where remnants of chemicals and pesticides could still harm the soil.

Then, we wanted our water source to be naturally purified water from natural aquifers, and where the air was free from pollution.

Every aspect was carefully considered and then the process began. Fields were cleared, green houses were erected, seeds were sown and hopes were planted.

The 100 acre farm, which we call ‘home’, has produced 1,000′s of tons of vegetables since it’s establishment. Throughout the years, demand for our produce has grown, and yet, we maintain a small scale in order to maintain the meticulous care we can give through smaller numbers.

Organic Certification

Since 1995, we have been certified organic by the USDA, and have never used any chemical fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides which could jeopardize our health or yours.

As a certified organic farm, we never use GM (genetically modified ) seeds, or seeds which have been treated with any chemicals. Conventional fertilizers are never used, only those items found in nature are utilized as fertilizers.

Conventional herbicides and insecticides, not only harm the consumer and the environment, but foremost, the farmer. Therefore, all means are taken naturally. Methods evolve every season, but weed and insect control are always performed either manually, by crop rotation, by planting plants, herbs and flowers which act as a natural insect repellants around the crop, or by beneficial insects.

The USDA has a strict set of standards for Organic Certification, but our standard is to go beyond that.

The value of life, a healthy life, cannot be measured by moetary worth. The farmers of the Doalnara Organic Farm value health and know that we are all striving to maintain our health in the best way possible.

From our farm to your table, 100% Pure, 100% Organic, the way that Nature intended. ~ to good health!